Shaolin two handed Sabre

Knife was originally the most commonly used weapon in folk martial arts and military. With the development of Shaolin Kung Fu and the need of monks and soldiers to participate in the war, the sword has also become one of the weapons often used by Shaolin monks. Shaolin sword technique system was formed in the middle and late Ming Dynasty. In the Ming Dynasty, Cheng Shao’s “golden dagger and iron stick skills” included knife technique. In the late Ming Dynasty, Shaolin Sabre technique was widely used in the battlefield. Shaolin Sabre technique has the saying that “the sabre is like a tiger”, which means that the sabre is powerful and brave when practiced. Shaolin two handed sabres are mostly wrapped around the head, turned, split and swept, plus stabbing, lifting, chopping, blocking and throwing to form a complete Sabre technique system. The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel